Lawn Maintenance

Grass Cutting Services

There’s nothing better than the look, feel, & smell of a freshly cut lawn! You don’t have to spend all day circling your yard on your riding mower or breaking your back with your push mower to get the results you want. You can simply rely on Ground Pro Contracting!

We have all the lawn maintenance equipment necessary to make your lawn look well groomed. We offer our grass cutting services to both residential & commercial customers in WNY, so you can always have the best-looking lawn on the block. All you have to do is call our team of lawn care professionals at Ground Pro Contracting & we’ll keep your lawn in the best possible condition.


Spring & Fall Cleanups

While the changing seasons in Western New York are beautiful to look at, they’re not always fun to pick up after. When spring finally rolls around & all the snow has melted, you don’t want your yard to look like a disaster – the same thing goes for when all the leaves pile up on your lawn in the fall! 

Don’t waste your Sunday afternoons picking up branches, raking leaves, or mowing your lawn; let the professionals at Ground Pro Contracting handle it for you. We have over 20 years of experience tidying up the yards of homeowners & business owners in WNY, so let us help make the seasons enjoyable for you once again.


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For more information about any of the lawn maintenance services we offer in WNY, contact us today!